Saturday, December 29, 2012

Change in Focus

As 2012 draws to a close I find my fabric focus shifting.  I spent the last year collecting fabric by buying (a lot !!!) and joining numerous fabric swaps. I did not realize how much I have until I decided to switch my sewing space with my scrap-booking space (more to follow on that project once I download the photos from the camera).  My daughter-in-law was helping me move things yesterday and laughed when I said I was going on a fabric diet next year.  She said I made the same declaration this time last year and broke it on January 1.  I said "I mean it this year!" and I really do.  I have purposely not opened emails about "end of year" fabric sales and avoided quilt shops.  My goal for 2013 is to only buy fabric for classes I take and a few select swaps.  I need to use the stash this year and that will require actual completion of things.  Then I will have room to buy more!!

I find my desire to participate in fabric swaps diminishing as well.  I did about 25 this year and had 8 going at one time! Lots of fabric bought and it cost about $10 in postage each time (sending it there and the SASE).  I used priority flat rate envelopes which made it easy on my end.  I participated in two swaps where I actually made blocks.  The Not Your Granny's Bee was awesome!  I just need to sew the blocks together and I will have two beautiful quilt tops.  The other, a siggy block swap, was a disaster and I never received my blocks back.  After waiting for 5 months and no contact from the hostess I doubt I ever will.  Lesson learned, I guess.  The last few fabric swaps had delays - not sure if it was the holidays or what - and took months to wrap up.  There are a few people I would swap with if they host again but I doubt I will do more than one a month for 2013.

I find myself drawn to some of the Block of the Month (BOM) groups being offered on blogs and Flickr.  There are a couple doing paper piecing as well as a mystery one.  Most are free and use stash fabric.  New skills and stash busting!  I do participate in a couple of BOM groups with local quilt shops but struggle to keep up so I will have to see how it goes.  Guess I need to decide which ones I am going to try since most start in 3 days.

So that is my focus for 2013 - complete projects, do lots of BOM projects, and use my stash as much as possible.  I still need to take stock of what projects I have in various states of completion and set some goals for 2013.  Guess I should get off the computer and finish setting up the sewing room so I can do that!

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