Saturday, December 29, 2012

Change in Focus

As 2012 draws to a close I find my fabric focus shifting.  I spent the last year collecting fabric by buying (a lot !!!) and joining numerous fabric swaps. I did not realize how much I have until I decided to switch my sewing space with my scrap-booking space (more to follow on that project once I download the photos from the camera).  My daughter-in-law was helping me move things yesterday and laughed when I said I was going on a fabric diet next year.  She said I made the same declaration this time last year and broke it on January 1.  I said "I mean it this year!" and I really do.  I have purposely not opened emails about "end of year" fabric sales and avoided quilt shops.  My goal for 2013 is to only buy fabric for classes I take and a few select swaps.  I need to use the stash this year and that will require actual completion of things.  Then I will have room to buy more!!

I find my desire to participate in fabric swaps diminishing as well.  I did about 25 this year and had 8 going at one time! Lots of fabric bought and it cost about $10 in postage each time (sending it there and the SASE).  I used priority flat rate envelopes which made it easy on my end.  I participated in two swaps where I actually made blocks.  The Not Your Granny's Bee was awesome!  I just need to sew the blocks together and I will have two beautiful quilt tops.  The other, a siggy block swap, was a disaster and I never received my blocks back.  After waiting for 5 months and no contact from the hostess I doubt I ever will.  Lesson learned, I guess.  The last few fabric swaps had delays - not sure if it was the holidays or what - and took months to wrap up.  There are a few people I would swap with if they host again but I doubt I will do more than one a month for 2013.

I find myself drawn to some of the Block of the Month (BOM) groups being offered on blogs and Flickr.  There are a couple doing paper piecing as well as a mystery one.  Most are free and use stash fabric.  New skills and stash busting!  I do participate in a couple of BOM groups with local quilt shops but struggle to keep up so I will have to see how it goes.  Guess I need to decide which ones I am going to try since most start in 3 days.

So that is my focus for 2013 - complete projects, do lots of BOM projects, and use my stash as much as possible.  I still need to take stock of what projects I have in various states of completion and set some goals for 2013.  Guess I should get off the computer and finish setting up the sewing room so I can do that!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mystery Quilt

I took a mystery quilt class last week at Quilts Etc. and it was a blast! The class was taught by Sundae - she designed the quilt as well. I pieced sections prior to class and then assembled the pieces into the blocks & rows following the clues provided. Here is the layout after 4 hours of sewing.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Feeding my addiction!

As noted yesterday, I am a "swapaholic"! It has been much easier to feed this addiction since I found this Flickr group

It was set up by Sew Sane Jane and is a place people can list swaps they are hosting.  Pure genius! Check it out if you like to swap fabric.  Just be prepared to get addicted!

I am addicted!!!

I have a new addiction thanks to Flickr.  Swaps! It doesn't seem to matter what type or size of fabric we are swapping.  Post one that I see and I'm in. I love seeing all of the fabrics posted in the group pools.  I love opening the package when it arrives.  I got my "brights" package today.  5 yards of beautiful fabric to play with!

But most of all I LOVE shopping for fabric!  Yesterday I went to 5 shops looking for just the right "cotton candy" pink and "lemon" yellow for a swap.  And I finally found them.  (Or so I thought!)  Today I went back to a couple of the stores so I could get different prints because my previous selections just weren't right. I'm glad to say I now have the fabric I want and will be cutting it into 5" squares (56 per yard) tomorrow.

Amelie Yellow Dot (Henry Glass Fabrics)
Penny Lane Swirls in Pink (Riley Blake Fabric)

My family has noticed my addiction and suggested I take a break from swapping until I assemble some quilts.  I had to laugh since I have yet to complete any tops this year (or last or the year before that ...).  Lots of blocks and lots of plans.  Just nothing ready to put together into a top.  The funny part of this?  I am on a fabric diet this year.  I proudly declared that I was not buying any fabric but solids for 2012 on January 1st.  I think I placed my first order of the year the next day - so much for my resolutions!  My new goal is to not join any more swaps for the rest of June.  Give myself a chance to get caught up and maybe even put together a quilt top using the goodies from previous swaps.  And to not buy any more fabric this month (except, of course, what I need for the dot swap :))  It's only 27 days.  I can do it! Right?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Another month, another post

My intention when I started this blog was to post a few times per week. I made a goal of sewing more often and finishing projects. This was to be my showcase to the world! (Okay, so a little full of myself :)) I have spent a few hours each week sewing which has been great. But putting my progress on the blog just doesn't happen. I started to chastise myself about not being a better blogger. And then I remembered this blog is for me! I have not shared it with many people, not even my family. Guess I was waiting to see how it went. I don't want it to become another "should" in my life - I have enough of those already. So no more guilt for not posting more often! I'll post when I feel like it!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

How time flies....

It's hard to believe it is already January 16th.  When I started this blog I intended to write about my sewing projects every few days. But sometimes life gets in the way and intentions don't become actions.  No sewing whatsoever for 14 days!!!  This weekend had to include "ME" time in the sewing room.  First up, I had to get some blocks done for the Saturday Sampler at American Quilting (LQS).  This sampler is a mystery with a Halloween theme.  Here are the blocks for this month:

Yes, there were 10 and they finished at 3.5" square!  I tend to make larger blocks so these required patience.  It helped that I have a ruler that size which made it easy to square them up.  Next month we are doing some applique - can't say that I am excited about that.  Not a fan of applique but I will give it a shot. 

Today is a holiday so no work!  I decided to start the Sew.Happy.Quilt.QAL  that Jenna is running.  It officially started a couple of weeks ago.  My hold up was deciding which fabric to use.  I have the hardest time picking fabrics.  I am afraid I will pick things fabrics that don't go together and end up with awful looking blocks.  I like FQ collections which take out the guess work.  I have a bunch in the stash and decided to use this one:

I love the design for this quilt and her instructions are easy to follow.  I should have 4 blocks done by tomorrow to be on track to finish the top by March 18th.  The sampler is a mix of traditional and modern blocks.    I finished the first two blocks:

I have the next two blocks partially completed.  Hopefully I can get them done later this evening.  I wish I could just sew all day.  But I'm leaving for a business trip early in the morning and have to get ready for that.  Maybe the thought of finishing the blocks will motivate me to quickly finish my other work! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Seeing a pattern

I was just looking at the Flickr groups I have joined and noticed a pattern: I love the idea of bees or swaps but am too big of a chicken to actually participate.  So I am starting out with quilt alongs (notice the buttons on the right).  Nice safe way to build my confidence (and scraps!).  Between these QAL's and the BOM for a couple local quilt shops I should stay busy.  Wish me luck!